Techniques are the foundation of self-defense in the Kenpo system. Each technique teaches how to defend and counterattack against a specific type of grab, choke, hold, punch or kick.


Sparring is an exercise in which the student wears protective equipment and tries to strike an opponent before being struck themselves. The level of contact can range from very light to full contact depending on the desire and skill level of the student. No student is ever forced to spar at a level that they are uncomfortable with. Although this is one of the practices that makes students the most nervous, it often becomes the one that they find the most fun.


Basics include all of the various types of punches, kicks, blocks and stances used in the Kenpo system. The basics support both the techniques and sparring.

Ground Fighting

Ground fighting is an essential part of self-defense. Although Kenpo Karate is primarily a striking art, all students will learn the fundamentals of ground fighting in order to have the skills necessary to defend themselves when taken to the ground. The goal in Kenpo is always to avoid going to the ground and to get back up quickly if taken to the ground.


A kata is a preset series of movements designed to help you remember what you learn. Our katas consist of the basics and the techniques that are learned in the system and act as a training tool to help us remember the techniques, improve our form in all areas, strengthen our stances and maintain a level of mobility and flexibility. Kata is something that we can continue to do well into our older age and will help us grow old gracefully.