Eine Woche kostenloses Probetraining - One week free trial period

Buchen Sie Ihren ersten Einzelunterricht - Make an appointment for a free private lesson

Why Private Lessons?

Private lessons promote faster learning and allow the customization of each lesson in order to meet the different needs and desires of each student. Every student decides the level of physical contact that they are comfortable with. The safety of our members is what is most important to us.

With private lessons, you are able to choose when you want to train whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening. We build your training plan around your schedule. We can agree on a fixed plan every week or adapt to your changing schedule if necessary.

Private lessons can also be shared with a family member or friend (prices vary). All students sharing a private lesson program will learn together and must be promoted at the same time in order to continue sharing the class. A maximum of three students can share a private lesson program.

Group Classes

All students enrolled in a private lesson program or a group-only program have access to daily group classes that allow students to work with others and practice with people of different sizes and skill levels. Group classes are limited to a maximum of 12 people.

Members can choose between a private lesson program that also includes access to the group classes or a group-only program for a lower price.

Self-defense for Everyone

Kenpo Karate is a practical art that people of any age or body type can learn. You do not have to be extremely strong, athletic or flexible and you should not be required to do very high kicks and jumps or acrobatic moves in order to defend yourself effectively.

A Modern Approach to Self-Defense in a Professional Environment

We do not teach spirituality, meditation or religion and there is no screaming (kiai). Communication in the studio is informal yet respectful. The language spoken by the instructor and the student will always be in the language that is best for the student. Instruction is currently available in English, German and Spanish.

* No discrimination against any ethnicity, skin color, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation is tolerated.